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Balahibong Pusa (2001) (Digitally Enhanced)

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Balahibong Pusa (2001) (Digitally Enhanced)
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Sarah (Joyce) is not happy about the idea of her mother Vivian (Elizabeth) getting married to Michael (Julio Diaz). But when she confronts her and Vivian describes how happy she is, Sarah eventually gives her consent. Sarah is hesitant about Michael though. She feels that Michael desires her but is helpless because he has Vivian’s trust that Vivian even goes out of her way to the two comfortable with each other. All these Sarah confides to her ‘ friend’ Nick (Jay M analo) with whom she has a relationship which her mother disapproves of. Ironic but Nick also happens to be a mechanic at Michael’s shop and is at the same seeing Becky (Rica). What Michael witnesses one fateful night turns out to be a revelation which eventually decides their fate

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  • Duration: 102 min
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