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Anak Ka ng Ina Mo (2023)

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Anak Ka ng Ina Mo (2023)
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Sarah is a middle-aged woman who hustles as the sole breadwinner of her family of two. As she scrambles to teach online courses and meet her food orders to provide for her son, her helper, Amy, wonders why her boss works so hard. Sarah’s son Emman doesn’t have a job and is often killing time at Amy’s by getting high and having s**. He’s a delinquent from all angles, but strangely possessive of his mother. One day, Sarah brings one of her students, Oliver, home to give him refuge from his violent father. Like throwing a catfish into a tank of sardines, Oliver’s appearance stirs Emman’s life and impacts his atypical relationship with Sarah. The change soon begins to crack Emman’s tank, and all the shocking secrets flood out uncontrollably.

  • Release:
  • Duration: 105 min
  • Quality: R-18

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