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Pantasya ni Tami (2024)

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Pantasya ni Tami (2024)
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Pantasya ni Tami, an original film/movie on Vivamax is sexualizing cosplay and creates a bad image of the hobby and community. It also sexualizes women cosplayer as well as a bad light on a few who are doing gravure and NSFW content. What gives Vivamax the right to create such a movie that would jeopardize a suppose to be great community for destressing. Cosplay is a hobby where most of us get a chance to play out favorite characters and have fun. Now na namainstream na lahat kayo gusto makisawsaw sa dala ng cosplay tapos ito pa gagawin nyo. This is not right! This is unjust for us genuine cosplayers. Totoo man o hindi ang topic ng movie na ito, it tarnishes the community, and the hobby, and it does not account for what cosplay really is.

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